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The name is Esthra Jenkins. If you're looking for me I'll probably be found on my boat, The Genie, or at Granny's waiting for someone to buy me a drink.

If you decide to roll with me, I might be able to show you a whole new world ;) ~Aladdin~

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Are you going to learn them any other way? I doubt you find them out in the seas. -raises an eyebrow- Or are you trying to get someone’s attention?


And you decided baring your chest to wash it, or planning to take it as a sign for a lunch break?

Maybe I was trying to get someone’s attention. And maybe I got it [winks jokingly] 

Lunch break sounds so good right about now, to be fair!



You could, if wearing a shirt was the deviation from the norm. 


Rough waters?

Oh-ho, bringing out the big words now aren’t you! [grins] Maybe I just don’t feel like following what society… dictates… we should do! 

..Something like that. I got motor oil all over it from sprucing up Genie.

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 Well, for one thing, wacky parking habits may lead to in increased need for parallel parking, and let’s be honest, no one would want that. [smirks at him playfully, not sure whether to crack a smile at her own cheesy joke]


[cracks a smile at her joke on her own behalf] See, that’s the bonus to driving a boat. None of that complicated mumbo-jumbo you get from driving cars. And no parking inspectors, those guys suck. 

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You know.. I have a theory..

One day monkeys are going to take over the world. And it’ll be awesome. 

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"Have the parking ticket people been extra strict lately, or something? We’ve been getting way too many complaints about wrongfully issued tickets lately."


"Or maybe people are just trying to get out of paying them. That could be it. Cheapskates."

Yeah, but why can’t people just park where they wanna’ park? [raises an eyebrow jokingly to show her he’s only kidding…kind of]

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"Why are you not wearing a shirt?"


I could ask why are you wearing a shirt. Yeah! Beat that! 


fake movie meme → Disney’s Aladdin

Elyes Gabel as Aladdin
Freida Pinto as Jasmine 

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In the interest of proving that I am in fact an adult,



Really. *Looks in purse to count eggs* How many have you found then so far?


Well…. [puts his hands in his pocket, all flustered] I haven’t started yet. [eyes her purse, considering entry routes into pick pocketing from her] 

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I heard they were having a girls night.


I have an idea for a perfect prank. 


Well then, you have got to share. 

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